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Soiree Love

Unicorn Llama Party Balloon

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These 18" Unicorn Llama Party helium balloons are a ton of fun for special events! Available with or without add-on balloons.

Packs include the following:
♥ Llama Party Bouquet includes: Llama balloon, Unicorn Llama party balloon, 6 11" round balloons in light pink, lavender, and white.
♥ Llama Party Small Bouquet includes: Unicorn Llama Party balloon, 2 11" round balloons in light pink.
♥ Llama Party Balloon ONLY includes: Unicorn Llama Party balloon shown in main listing photo.

♥ Balloons are shipped flat and come packaged individually to be inflated by you.
♥ Balloons are self healing. Do not overfill.
♥ Balloons can be inflated either by air or helium at your local party shop.
♥ Made in the USA.

♥ Each number is approximately 18" wide deflated.